About Us

We here at OAD believe in the value of labor. We believe that if you work hard, if you plan and save and do well at a job, you should be rewarded. That’s the American Dream: you put in the time, sacrifice current pleasures and ease for a greater return later. It’s based on individual effort, fiscal responsibility, and hard work. That’s about as conservative as it gets.

While we here at Occupy the American Dream aren’t affiliated in any way with the Occupy movement, we like what they’re about. We like folks banding together to fix the ways American life has grown unfair and untenable. And the American Dream needs some fixing.

Our obsessions lie in the way that America works and doesn’t work for people who do the work:

  • Living wages
  • Social safety nets
  • Unions and union busting
  • Income inequality
  • Life/work balance

We also are concerned about how the pathways to the American Dream are broken:

  • Rising college costs
  • Increased debt
  • The intern economy
  • The general devaluing of labor

Anything that talks about this sort of thing, from macroeconomic discussions about unemployment to how the media portrays personal success are all deep in our wheelhouse.

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